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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ellie Goulding - Lights (2010) New Album Mediafire Link

2010 debut album from the new sweetheart of British Pop. With her unique blend of Folk influences and Electronica she is already a firm favorite amongst tastemakers and bloggers alike. Lights features 10 tracks, including the singles ‘Under The Sheets’ and ‘Starry Eyed’. Her chief collaborator is Fin Dow-Smith, AKA the Electro-don Starsmith, who produced the majority of the songs on the album and co-wrote four of them. Ellie’s songs are built around big proper tunes that lift you up and spin you round, yet there’s something off-center about them, something sparkly, filmic, haunting, odd. She mixes heartfelt emotion with other-wordly atmospherics, spins cool Electronica into dreamy warmth. Her insistence on putting her guitar in every song, whether an acoustic cover or a gorgeous song about new love gives her soaring Electro-Folk an earthed rootedness. Polydor.

Released: 1 March 2010
Recorded: 2008–2009
Genre: Indie pop, electropop, synthpop, folktronica
Length: 36:51
Size: 52 MB
Label: Polydor, Neon Gold

Track List:
1. Guns And Horses
2. Starry Eyed
3. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
4. Under The Sheets
5. The Writer
6. Every Time You Go
7. Wish I Stayed
8. Your Biggest Mistake
9. I’ll Hold My Breath
10.Salt Skin

Download Link:

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