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Friday, February 5, 2010

[Iklan] TVGorge.com: Watch TV Online

TVGorge.com baru saja direleasekan tapi masih di peringkat percubaan (BETA). Misi TVGorge.com adalah untuk membawa kepada korang semua high quality streaming television.

If you are bothered with downloading all the new episodes of your favourite TV shows and then deleting them instantly after watching, this tip may come handy for you: TVGorge.com is a new entertainment site for watching your favourite tv shows online. New episodes are added just minutes after they finish airing on television – as opposed to hours or days on other popular sites. There is absolutely no need to download anything to your computer – the content is streamed from the server in convenient Flash player.

There are absolutely no limits in watching the videos as it sometimes happens at other similar servers. The quality of video is very watchable and there are basically no ads disturbing you from the site itself. The content itself is streamed from server located in Netherlands, so it’s loading really fast for all visitors in Europe and United States as well – you don’t have to worry about excessive buffering or loading problems.

TVGorge is still in beta, and has many great features that will be released in the upcoming versions. Some of the upcoming features include member accounts – with a ratings and point system, ability to add alternate links for TV shows, submit episode reviews, chat with other members, and add shows to your favourite list. The site includes all popular TV Shows as Dexter, Californication, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, HIMYM and many others. With new episodes added shortly after PRE, TVGorge is a great option to save some time and bandwith and watch your favourite TV shows from your browser.
source: rlslog.net

Kalau korang nak tengok tv shows online yang Malaysia punya, boleh masuk VideoKL.com. Macam-macam ada kat situ. Tapi drama Astro je yang banyak. Kepada pengguna broadband, korang hanya boleh baca je la entry ni. Jangan jeles dengan kami, pengguna streamyx yang sangat laju. hahaha..

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