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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tormented DVDRip (2009) mkv Mediafire Links

The film opens with Justine Fielding (Tuppence Middleton) being escorted out of school by the police, as other pupils look on. It then has a flashback to 5 days earlier, where Justine is reading at the funeral of Darren Mullett (Calvin Dean). She starts to talk about him, when Jason Banks (Olly Alexander) stands up in church and calls her a hypocrite because she didn't really know him. He is then thrown out of church by the sadistic PE teacher.
Later on, Justine is talking to her friend Helena (Mary Nighy) about staying in and watching a Keira Knightley DVD, when Alexis (Dimitri Leonidas) decides to invite her to a party his friends Bradley (Alex Pettyfer), Tasha (April Pearson), Kally (Larissa Wilson), Sophie (Georgia King), and Marcus (Tom Hopper) are having. She decides to go to the party, rather than staying in with Helena.

Genre: Comedy Horror

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